Oh You Lovely Plants

As promised, here are my new additions to the garden. I also took some pictures of my very wild veggie bed. Once we get the raised beds built, I think I'll have a much neater version going on, but this one just seems to want to be a jungle! I'm still learning and it's producing, so I won't complain.

For your viewing pleasure...


The jungle of veggies:

Potatoes are growing:


Cucumbers growing up the bamboo:


Even in this heat, I have tomatoes still setting under the shade cloth, not alot but better than none!


Morning Glories winding their way up the shade structure:

Golden Jubilee Esperanza finally blooming!

My $14 birdbath:

New Pentas (I couldn't resist when I saw the amount of butterflies on them at the nursery):

New Strawberry Field Gromphrena:

New Benary's Giant Purple Zinnia:

I finally found my Butterfly Weed (Milkweed):

New Nicotiana Hummingbird Mix (this is a sad specimen and was on the 50% off table at the nursery, hopefully I can help it along):

New Coleus in the shade bed:

Also new in this bed, Hypoestes:

Part of the shade bed with about all the sun it ever gets, everything is doing well in this bed so far:

Oh boy...look what I got! A Dutchman's Pipevine of my very own. After reading Meredith's post over at Great Stems, I had to pick up one of these. There were only 5 left so I feel luck was on my side. It is a host plant for the Pipevine Swallowtail. There are a few eggs left on it and so I'm hoping to have little caterpillars soon. Crazy pipe shaped blossoms and gorgeous foliage. Now where to plant this beauty!

A Jade plant gifted to me from my mother-in-law:

New Sedum:

Repotted succulent collection (not all of them are here of course, but a nice assortment):

And with a big happy sigh, a hosed down, cleaned up patio:

And same with the front porch (both areas had become my "potting shed" so were quite the sight...now that planting is pretty much over for now, they can return to their original purpose):

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