And not in a good way! My porch says 92 but I swear it feels over 100 in the sun. Tomorrow's temps? 100!! And no rain in sight. I've been using liquid seaweed on everything every 2 weeks now and am hoping it will help the plants combat some of this heat. We are quickly getting to the season where it's all about maintenance and keeping things alive. We've mulched and most likely will mulch again. We are on a good water schedule, shade cloth is up, let the fun begin! (I really wish it would rain more though.)

My Scarlet Runner beans are just now sprouting and I'm hoping will grow as quickly as the morning glories are, up the sides of the shade structure over the veggies. The regular pole beans are popping up as well. I also went ahead and planted some Mammoth Sunflowers and some Lemon Queen Sunflowers I received from The Great Sunflower Project. If you haven't heard of this project, please check it out! It's all about the hunt for bees and you take data of how many bees you see at your sunflowers in a 30 minute time period. After a set amount of weeks, you mail in your data to the project. You can also fill out the data forms online, which is more convenient. In addition, they have a list of other plants that they are willing to count in your data, so if no sunflowers are blooming in your yard, check out the list and see what else might be.

So I know I'm quite late with my sunflowers, but what the heck? It's all one big experiment right now anyway. Hah!

I also have plans to get a couple raised beds built for our fall veggies. We picked out the perfect spots for them, well perfect to us the plants might tell me a different story. I know how much lumber I need and we'll start it as a lasagna bed and then fill in with topsoil so planting can start in August or September. I'm excited about these. We have so much caliche in the back, that raised beds are probably our best bet. We also have a double leech field and while I threw down some wildflower seeds along the rim, we are leaving the grass where it is since it's not something we water anyway. Plus, no veggies on the leech field. The back of the property will be more extensive gardens someday as well, but that's a few seasons off right now. So for now I am going to build two 4'x 6' raised beds and then go from there.

Did I mention it was hot?! Hope your days are spent refreshed and full of life. Peace!

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