The Boys Have A New Home

I just got off the phone with a wonderful lady who is really excited about buying our little goats, Roger and Carlton. They are going to get to live on a couple acres and stay together, which is what I was hoping for. They will get horses to play with, chickens to butt at and lots of love from the sound of it. She said she spoils her animals with treats and love, so we are very pleased! The girls will miss them, but they knew this day was coming. We will start milking Kubra as soon as they are gone, which will be on the 3rd. I think it is better than we could have hoped for in terms of a new home for the boys.

Garden is coming right along. The girls love Periwinkles and so when we saw them on sale at Home Depot yesterday, we had to get more. I don't mind them because the girls can pick as many flowers as they want and the next day twice as many have bloomed once again. They are easy to keep alive and act as perennials here. I have a flowerbed that has been slow to be transformed and these have found a wonderful home next to the violets in there. I also picked up a couple more Provencial Lavendars, which do better here for me than any of the others I've tried. The veggies are growing and we are starting to see more fruit on our tomatoes and cucumbers are producing now as well. Peppers are coming on slowly but surely. Pumpkins seem to have the dreaded borers again though. I might try them in the fall and see how they do since our growing season lasts so long here.

I also have a plan to build 4 raised beds, 8' x 4' each. We are going to get those done by August so we can pretty much triple our veggie garden space for the Fall. Yay!

It's turning into an aviary in the front garden. Birds are flocking to the feeders now. We have seen a couple Hummingbirds as well and many more butterflies are starting to flit around. I saw my first Eastern Kingbird as well. Nerdy I know, but very exciting to the girls and I.

So that's a quick update of life on the farm. I'll get some pictures and more news up later. Hope everyone is staying cool in this summertime heat!!! Happy early Solstice everyone!