Blue Jays Can Be Fierce!

So the other day, when J was leaving for work, a pair of Blue Jays were expressing their extreme displeasure at our calico, Emo. Emo was lying in the yard being dive-bombed by these two very upset birds. Everytime they'd come close to her she'd meow loudly but didn't have anything that appeared to be their's, like a baby Blue Jay. I thought maybe she'd come too close to a nest and was getting told off, so went back in to finish up in the kitchen. After a few minutes I went out to feed animals, check the veggie garden and do my early morning rounds. Xi got up and came along. While in the front yard, we noticed the birds were still very upset with Emo. All of a sudden I saw her pounce on something so went over to investigate. Sure enough, a baby Blue Jay was hanging on to the kitty's collar for dear life and Emo was trying to roll around to get her off. The baby appeared fine, just scared. I had my gardening gloves on, so was able to get the bird off the cat and check it out. No broken bones, just a very scared little thing. She actually flew out of my hand (flight feathers were in place), so made me think she'd probably had a learning mishap when taking that first plunge out of the nest. We also found half an egg shell in the same vicinity. I took her to the other side of the yard, after putting Emo inside, and set her down in the big flower pot next to the driveway. She sat there eyeing Xi and me warily. I was able to get a few pictures before we went back in to get Xi's breakfast. When we went out to check the bird was gone and Emo was sleeping on the other side of the yard. I should say she was trying to sleep as one of the Blue Jays was still yelling at her. I'm sure that baby was able to get away, I just don't know how far. I do know that Emo didn't get ahold of her again, so Xi and I would like to believe it just needed a bit of height to get back into the trees. No more mad Blue Jays after about another 30 minutes.

Blue Jay giving Emo an ear full:

Baby looking lost:

Today, while planting their new Periwinkles, the girls found this caterpillar on the parsley. These pictures were taken by my 3 year old photographer. They watched that caterpillar for a good 20 minutes or more before resuming their planting.

I also wanted to share that my Day Lilies are finally blooming. They were planted by the previous owner's, so I have no idea the variety. Anyone care to take a gander?

Tomorrow we are going to see J's folks and are really looking forward to it. It will be great to spend some time out of town and they have a wonderful garden. I will try to get pictures of it to share if they are cool with that. They are who I usually turn to when I have questions. They know their gardens! Plus, they are fun to be around. The girls are super excited!

I hope everyone is having a great start to their weekend. Happy Gardening!