Baby Goats and Yes, More Gardening

The babies are 7 weeks old already and at that point where we are working on finding them new homes. The time went by fast, much like it does with my own kids. They are healthy, happy, sweet little boys and we'd love to keep them, but that wasn't the plan. If we don't stick with the plan, we'd end up over-ridden with goats and other pets (we already have a full house..haha!). So the ad is up, our goat lady is on it as well and these little guys will probably be going to new homes in the next couple weeks. We will miss them alot, but my desire for fresh goat milk is stronger so that wins out. I'll be milking Kubra starting next weekend. One more thing to add to my to-do list for the day...I think I'm booked up now. Ha! Here are the boys this cute! If anyone local reads this and is interested, please let me know! Right now they are still billy's, but we will be wethering them at the end of the week unless someone wants them as breeders.

We had a soccer Saturday with L playing in 2 back to back games. It was hot, so we kept her well hydrated and had wet bandanas for her neck. She did great! J's folks came down for it and we all had a really good time. Then Sunday J and I spent the day working in the yard. We put down mulch, dug out a plant to re-locate; re-did one of the big pots for shade plants; fertilized everything; planted new plants; pulled out the borer infested pumpkins (I have new sprouts coming up however and was able to get 10 pumpkins off my volunteers so I feel like we are still ahead!); tightened up the shade structure; and got 5 new upside/down tomatoes going. We were busy in the heat but it was well worth it and it makes us happy to do the work.

This is the old pot redew, and the veggie garden without the pumpkins. I have more shade cloth arriving as well, so we'll be putting an additional 60% on it in hopes that it will help with our hot hot days ahead! Also some pics of the upside/down tomato starts and other garden pictures, including a very curious one full of bubbles...hmmm...

Hope you all had a great weekend and welcome to June! Peace!