So Long Since Posting

We had illness run through our household. The girls recovered very quickly, I however did not. I was sick for more than 2 weeks and just exhausted. It was more effort than I had energy for to even post anything. The garden started showing my neglect...the house..the get the picture. It was enough for me to get up and just be, anything else pretty much brought back the chills, aches and pains, excruciating exhaustion, and tummy aches. My darling friend and doctor helped me lick it though and today I am functioning at about 85%...which is huge for me considering how I was feeling!

So my apologies for no posts or pictures. They are on their way however! We did major work in the gardens this weekend, and I am slowly making a dent in the laundry as well. We are excited in the evenings to talk about plan we have for the house and studio. The girls are doing fabulous, and life seems to be continuing. Baby goats are growing fast and will soon be looking for new homes. Mama goat is going to be milked starting this weekend, and the chickens are laying in abundance. And even though I neglected the poor things, my few veggies I did manage to get going are starting to show signs of producing...yay! This year, due to weather, my illness and time constraints, we are focusing on tomatoes (9 plants in the ground and 8 more to go in as well), peppers, cucumbers, pumpkins and squash. Our herbs are doing wonderfully with the oregano's and thyme's turning into huge bushes now. My front beds are lovely, flowering still and we are finally seeing some shape to our landscaping, with more ideas for gates, walls and lighting flying through our brains. So much fun to plan.

I hope everyone else is doing good! Stay healthy, stay cool in the summer heat if it's hitting you now like it's hitting us (thank the gods for the new a/c unit!), and as always, Peace!