Rambling and Such

Just a quick update. For everyone who wondered about my last post, I am just fine...it is sometimes difficult to see someone in a much different light than they had presented themselves after thinking you know them fairly well. So after surprise and shock over this discovery, I am totally fine and actually feel a bit lighter and less manipulated. So it just wasn't meant to be and all I can hope is that this "friend" finds her way and discovers her inner light once again. I can't be anything more than I am, and I do try to find the good in everyone. So with that said, all is well...I am happy...and no need to discuss anymore. Thanks for your concerns though!

Now on to farm news. I'll post pics in a bit but I wanted to update on things going on around here. Baby goats are growing fast! At a week old today they are already jumping, running, head butting and scampering around tasting cedar bark, leaves and anything else they can find. They are so amazingly cute and still smaller than the cats..haha! Mama Kubra is doing well except her leg seems to still be bothering her. The day she gave birth she was limping and I checked her out, not finding any injury or swelling. We thought maybe a baby was sitting on a nerve. After birth she seemed to be getting better, but the past 2 days she's been limping again and even carrying her leg up when walking/running at times. She does put her weight on it when she's eating, but not so much when walking. I checked it all over again this morning, lifting her hoof up to see if something was stuck in there, squeezing all the way into her hip, etc.. She didn't flinch or act like I was hurting her in anyway. She's eating and drinking fine and babies are nursing up a storm happily. The only thing I can think of is maybe there is something further up in her hoof that I just cannot see and will need to get her to let me do a longer examination this afternoon. If we need antibiotics, I can call my friend who is a vet, but I don't think she has any infection. It just seems to bother her more than hurt her, if that makes sense. Other than that, she's doing great! She's such a good mama and her babies are thriving.

We've been doing more gardening, getting our veggie seedlings into the ground and rearranging and maintaining our herbs and ornamentals in the front. Everything was so happy to get a good soaking rain Friday and Saturday. When out this morning they were just thriving; lots of growth and blooms. The veggies are amazing and it looks like we have about 20 tomato plants that will make it...yikes! That's alot of tomatoes...haha! We are going to do some upside down pots and then some in the ground. I have a bunch of volunteers coming up as well, along with volunteer pumpkins. I don't know if the pumpkins will bare fruit, but the plants are super healthy so I'm leaving a few of them to do their thing and hopefully we'll have some pumpkins this year! Cucumber seedlings are strong too and on their 3rd set of leaves. I have about 8 to get in the ground along with the 6 I already planted. Peppers are also thriving. So far so good! This year I started all my seedlings and instead of getting super attached, went ahead and culled the ones that were weak and repotted the stronger ones in bigger pots to help them thrive a bit more. They are doing great! So hopefully we'll have a more successful tomato year this year. I am late with my basil seeds, but figure I'll get them in the ground anyway. The lasagna garden we started last fall is full of gorgeous, healthy dirt now, so things should thrive. Radishes are going in this week as well. Oh, and I got my heartier lettuce seeds going too.

Both farmgirls are growing like weeds and doing great. Lola has decided she wants to try first grade in the fall. My immediate reaction is to continue homeschooling, but we also believe that if we allow her to try and in turn it maintains her trust, then hopefully that trust will continue as she grows. We've always told her we'd let her try if she wanted, and we don't want to go back on our word. We can always pull her out if it's just not working. We figure we'll try for 6 weeks and then re-evaluate. Xi is doing good too and changing everyday. She's turning into quite the little artist. I keep her artbox within reach at all times now. It's nice to see her express herself like that. Both girls were under the weather this weekend, but seem to be fine today. Lola even went jogging/walking with me early this morning!

So life continues and we move forward with it. That's about all anyone can do, right? We are some of the lucky ones for sure! We have an amazing extended family, consisting of not only blood family but a healthy group of friends all over the country. We have our healthy, thriving, wonderful children and now grandson. We have a home of our own and now gainful employment once again. We have love. And are one step closer, everday, to the Peace we desire.

So cheers my friends and family! Peace!