New Babies Everywhere!

The girls and I had a wonderful week with my darling Jonathon, Kim and our gorgeous little grandson, William. Xi couldn't get enough of the baby, and neither could I! Such a calm little man. Jonathon and Kim are doing alright too. She was very ill and had to be back in the hospital for a week 3 days after giving birth. Her blood pressure skyrocketed. Fortunately, Jonathon's dad and step-mom were there and able to take quick action. She was one sick mommy! She's doing great now though . We are talking about them moving up here and have offered our studio if they want it for temporary. We have some work to do on it, but have alot of help and donated time and materials, so it's definitely doable. There is more opportunity for them in Austin, and it would help her finish school without having to go back to work and put William in daycare. So we'll see what they decide. We had plans to finish the studio anyway, this is just making it more motivating right now!

On the farm front, we were thrilled with the arrival of Kubra's babies yesterday afternoon! First one arrived at just about 5:30 and the next was around 6:15. I was the goat midwife and she did great! Two little boys who are just beautiful. We don't plan on keeping them past weaning, but it will be hard to let them go too. Haha! Fortunately we have good resources with our friend, Cindy from Paleface Feed. She will most likely keep one of the boys and we'll swap for credit in the store...and then she will help us find a good home to the other one. Kubra is going to be an awesome milk goat too, based on how she let me handle her during birth. And she's a really good mommy too!

I'm catching up after a week away, but the love of my life did alot of work while I was gone, so I came home to clean windows (inside and out), a scrubbed down kitchen and all the laundry done. Those 3 things are life-savers for me..haha! Thank you darling!

On Saturday, Lola got her ears pierced! She did great and is excited about this new chapter in her young life.

I'll update on the goats, for now, enjoy the pics! Peace!

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