Fabulous Weekend

So this weekend we ventured out of our immediate area and went to spend Saturday at the Lyndon B. Johnson State Park in Stonewall. They were sponsoring a kite day out there for children and taught the kids to make old fashion kites out of paper and fabric strips for tails. The girls had a blast designing and coloring their kites. Once they were finished, everyone went out to the field and got to try them out. It was so exciting when they flew! X was thrilled and said it felt like it would lift her off the ground. L ran and ran with hers and kept it up for quite awhile. The weather was gray and cold, but the breeze was just right so we didn't mind it.

After the kite flying, we loaded the girls up in their new wagon along with lunch and set out for a picnic. Along the way we saw Longhorns and even crossed a bridge!

We saw a statue of LBJ and a beautiful Redbud blooming amongst the end-of-winter gloom.

Along the way to the picnic area, we stopped to tour the Sauer-Beckman Farmstead. This is a living history farm that is run just as it was in 1915. It was fabulous and we learned quite a bit on our little visit. They reuse everything, right down to empty bottles in the garden. X really liked the sheep and chickens walking around. There was the blacksmith barn with all the tools hanging and giant colanders they use to cook outdoors and when making sausage. It is definitely worth the drive out there and we plan on visiting again soon.

After lunch the girls played on the swing set, then we packed up and headed back through the nature trail. It was really beautiful in there. We came to where the Longhorns were and the White Tail Deer were out and very curious. X was especially excited to get up close and personal.

By the time we got back to the car the girls were tired out and fell asleep almost as soon as we pulled out of the park. We drove into Fredericksburg and looked around but didn't get out. It is a really interesting German town with alot of history. That will be our next venture out in the Texas Hill Country. We had such a wonderful day, and realized it cost us nothing except the gas to get there. You can't beat that!

Sunday we spent working around the house and J did yard maintenance in the back - trimming trees, pulling weeds, etc.. Alot of work actually as he cleared the entire back of our property. We were tired but satisfied by the end of the evening.

Today is just beautiful out and the girls are enjoying themselves immensely. How wonderful is it for kids to sit outside in the fresh warm air, enjoying the sunshine and eating Popsicles?

Hope your weekend was just as fun! Peace!