Bella has been missing for almost 3 days now. She normally comes in at night but for some reason didn't want to on Thursday. The next morning I knew something was wrong when she didn't come running for breakfast. She is fixed, so I know she isn't out prowling. She usually goes to the neighbors directly behind us or next to us and then hangs around close by. But we haven't seen anything since that night. We've put up flyers, walked door to door and gave out pictures of her, and emailed all the neighbors we had addresses for the same pictures and information. We are just hoping she comes home soon. If anyone who lives near us and doesn't know about this sees her, please let us know. We really appreciate it!

Bella, if you are out there, we miss you and so does your sister. Emo has been so sad, just sitting on the porch staring into the cedar grove next to us where Bella plays.

Come home girl.