It's warming up here. We have had a very odd winter though, with some days in the 30's and the next day close to 80. As much as I wish we had more winter, I have to start realizing that Spring is on her way. There are signs all over my garden, things budding, things growing, chickens laying and restless children. The animals are all well, and apparently so are most of my plants. I have onions and garlic popping up, a volunteer pumpkin or two are peaking out of the compost as well. Strawberries are in the ground, however I'm going to want more. I also got some parsley and sage in the ground. Next step is preparing and spreading topsoil for our back garden and then getting seeds in the ground and in starts. That will most likely happen tomorrow if we are lucky.

I want to thank Marina over at A Small Tribe for the sweet words and kind heart of her's. She gave me another award and her words just fill me with happiness. Thank you my friend!

For now, here's a short trip through the front garden. Peace!