The Gardening Bug Is Hitting Again

So it's that time of year...spring is just around the corner and the gardening bug is biting hard. This weekend we finally were able to get some plants and dirt for our big pots which were a gift last year. In the first one we planted herbs - lavendar, sage, thyme, sorrel, comfrey; mustard greens; nasturtiums; and some dichondra to trail down the sides.

The second pot is more of a shade perennial planter. In it we planted more nasturtiums; ornamental kale; pansies; and a couple others which I can't remember the names of! Bad me! Haha...

Today the girls and I are going to get our seeds started. We are a week or so late, but it's okay. They will catch up. We also got our organic top soil for our big garden. Everything came from The Natural Gardener, which is our favorite nursery of all time. Seriously, this place rocks! The seeds we are starting are tomatoes, several peppers including habanero, lettuce, zuchinni squash, sunflowers, beans and peas.

Saturday the girls and I spent the day at our dear friends' Phil and Debi's, who actually sold us the house and live just a couple houses down the street. The boys went to explore barbeque places south of here, and the girls and I spent the day lunching, having our hair cut and just being girls. It's been forever since I've had a proper cut and was just heaven! I love my new to get rid of the grey! shhhh! Sunday was spent gardening and at the nursery. Was a great weekend.

A few days ago I noticed this little fellow peeking out of the pile:

Yes folks, my potatoes have sprouted! There are several popping up now and I'm so excited about them. We love red potatoes, so that's all I planted this year. Last year I had both red and white...the red did alot better so we are sticking with what works.

I also noticed yesterday that both our Texas Mountain Laurels have decided it is in fact spring and this is the evidence:

We also put up our Tibetan Prayer Flags across the driveway:

Onions and garlic are thriving so far.

Black Hollyhocks are coming up and our bags of yummy organic soil is ready to make rows:

Oh the fun is just beginning. Peace to all!!

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