Can't Beat This!

Happy kids!! A is our friend who comes to play everyday and X is, well my little baby who is growing too fast. They were very happy this morning and I just couldn't help but snap a shot!


Speaking of A, her family owns the most awesome coffee shop here in Austin by the lake. The Java Dive is an organic coffee shop that serves up alot more than just coffee. They have full breakfast and lunch specials, the most amazing pastry case I think I've ever seen (oh the glory of an organic chocolate confection!), an organic market section that is much needed out here, gluten free food, homemade ice cream and bulk fair trade coffee beans plus a whole lot more! Totally family friendly with activities for the kids all ready to go. My little X LOVES the new train table. Hah! Sounds like a plug huh? That's because I truly believe in this place and what they are trying to provide for the community. I love Roni and Romy so much and their little A has become another one of my own. I encourage anyone in town already and those of you who will be visiting to give the place a try because you won't be sorry!

And lastly, I'd like to thank my poultry friends for the generous offerings I've been receiving lately. We've been averaging about 9 eggs a day with some days seeing a full dozen or more! Thank you ladies!


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