Planting Time Is Almost Here! (And A Finished Project)

So garlic and onions are in the ground! Today I will do potatoes and pick up our seeds at the feed store for more veggie goodness. We are really hoping for a better year this year in terms of rain (and everything else if we are going to be honest here). Last year we had 100 degree weather starting in May and it didn't end until well into November. Needless to say the gardens were not very productive or happy, neither was our water bill! So maybe I can request that everyone do a quick, happy rain dance for this year? haha! We'll see if that appeases the gods any. We are also busy amending our soil with what we have here and it is turning out well so far! We are going to add organic topsoil to the lasagna bed, but the nutrients are just exploding out of what we've put down already. It's very exciting and we are hoping to have a better garden this year. Upside down are the way we are doing our tomatoes this year too. We really liked how well they turned out last year, so are going to do alot more this year and save the garden space for other veggies.

The animals are doing good. We've added ferrets to the brood as well. They were gifted to the girls from some good friends of our's. We have 3 of them, Calamity, Pookie and Moose. They are so funny to play with and are the friendliest little creatures. The girls love them!

I've been knitting and knitting and knitting. Finally conquered my fear of socks and am now on a mission to find the perfect yarn for my darling little red-head who hates anything that might be even remotely itchy. 100% cotton for her...and not just any cotton, so the quest begins. L is much more laid back for that and already picked out her yarn from my stash. So her socks will go on the needles this week, I hope.

Some new pictures and lots of peace going out to you all!

Icy mornings the past few days.

Really hoping Kubra is with kids, hard to tell now although she is looking rounder in the belly, but we won't be certain until late February or early March.

My new sconces (thank you Nicole for the gift card!)

My first socks! For me! Yay!

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