Busy Times

The kids have been extra active lately so it's not easy to update these days. But things are going okay. Jason is working hard on a couple projects, the girls are growing and learning daily, the animals are all healthy and happy - we are really hoping Kubra is with child(ren). We'll know for sure in another couple weeks or so. Exciting!

The weather has been so strange. We'll have a day of 36 degrees all day, then 75 the next. In light of it all, we've all suffered from colds and allergies as pollen is floating around that really shouldn't be right now. Crazy!

I've been knitting and getting ready to plan our spring veggie garden. We are probably going to start seeds in a couple weeks for the early things. I can't believe it's getting to be that time again! Life just keeps moving forward.

I've also been getting excited about new music again. In a previous life I was heavily involved in the music scene and miss it terribly. So have been seeking out new sounds. As I discover more, I'll try to remember to share here. For starters I suggest checking out The Limes. From their site:

"The Limes draw inspiration from foreign film directors, 70’s porn music, and the great musical couples of yester-year: Joao/Astrud, John/Exene, Paul/Linda (whose “Bluebird” is covered on the Limes’ eponymous debut), resulting in groovy, off-kilter pop tunes separated by the odd instrumental track. Lovers of early Pizzicato Five and all things Jobim, take note."

If you like lounge music, check them out!

Here are some pics to keep you company. Peace!

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