Yesterday, it was 75 degrees out. The girls were in their summer gear and outside all day. I couldn't believe it was December.

Then, the wind picked up...the clouds rolled in...and the temperature dropped...and dropped...and dropped some more. By 9pm we were walking home from our neighbor's across the street, X and I, and getting covered in sleet and snow. X was so excited, and I have to admit I was too. I love winter weather. I love howling winds, icy cold rain/sleet/snow. I love being bundled up warm in my house with a cup of hot chocolate and my girls snuggled close. I love getting into bed at night when the sheets are crisp and it taking my breath away with how cold it is. I love jackets, scarves, mittens and hats. I love seeing my breath when I'm outside and I love my new chiminea fire place that our darling neighbor down the street surprised us with. There is nothing more warming than the heat from a fire.

After tumbling into the house, X and I laughed at each other with all the ice and snow hanging from our hair and our jackets. We giggled at how exciting it is to have been a part of it. She watched from the doorway, laughing while I struggled to wrap up the lime tree out front - it's a miniature tree. After hot showers and warm pj's, she snuggled up against me and fell into a blissful sleep. She's like me...she loves the cold.

J and L are much more alike. L loves winter, but would rather not be out in it. J can't stand any semblance of snow, sleet, ice, or anything below 60 degrees. Haha! We make quite a pair. Good thing for him we don't live in the north! I can dream though, can't I?

So yes, this is our first "snow storm" of the year. Not much considering how deep in it some of you all are, but it's mine and I love it!

Oh, and a side note, due to the fact that my tomatoes had finally decided to produce fruit right at the start of the cold weather, we now have a bowl full of green tomatoes and the goats are in heaven with the now fruitless plants. Silly tomatoes!


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