Mothering Dot Com

I belong to a couple online mom groups, one is a private forum full of dear dear friends who all had babies the same time I had Xi. The other is a much larger forum called Mothering Dot Com. This forum is made of of parents from all over the world really. All discussing their needs and sharing their experiences in natural parenting. I, like so many other parents, have found endless support, ideas, confirmation, suggestions, etc. on this forum and even met one of my dear friends there, Romy, along with the previous forum of women I mentioned.

One aspect of this forum that I never knew was possible anywhere on an anonymous board like this, or even in such a large group period, is the selfless acts of generosity I've seen exhibited. Everyone knows that Jason lost his job in August and while he's picked up projects here and there, it's been a major struggle with nothing extra to hold onto money wise. We are making our house payments, utilities and car, but that is really all we can do right now. I'm making the girls' their holiday gifts this year, which even when we are on our feet again is a tradition we will be keeping. But we couldn't buy a gift for them even if we wanted to. Last month I sent in a money order for our car insurance payment. A week ago I found out they never received it and were canceling our insurance if we didn't pay both November AND December's payments together by 11PM today. We just don't have that extra money to pay twice with so were in a mode of panic. Our car is financed, so if we don't have full coverage then we are defaulting on our loan and they could take the car if they wanted to.

With nowhere to turn, I got on the forum at MDC and asked the ladies in the Holiday Helpers thread what I should do. Alot of them know of organizations that can help. The organizer of the thread told me to let her see what she could do and in less than 12 hours they'd raised enough money from other members to pay that missing November payment for us! I was floored and still am. Tears came to my eyes when she sent me an email asking for our information and saying she was calling in the payment today. I have never known such generosity from strangers before. We are beyond grateful for the help. It is very humbling to have to reach out like that, but my goodness it gives me hope for humanity. It really is humanity at it's best! These selfless souls have not only helped us, but they've helped so many others in similar situations and some in even worse situations. They do it, not because they want anything in return, but because they have huge hearts and the ability to help rather than horde. They truly think about what others are going through and how they can help. They are sending gifts to families who might be with less for the holidays as well. It's just amazing really.

I am really hoping that we are in a better place financially next year so we can give back as well. If you have even just a little money to donate to their efforts, it would be so appreciated. Even just a dollar can help out others in need. Check out their Holiday Helpers blog and see what they are raffling off or just to donate. It really lifts the spirits of those who need it, believe me I know.

Thank you MDC mamas and dads who helped us. Thank you for all the help you give others this season and throughout the year. The world really needs to look at you as examples on how to live in truth and in peace. Our family is beyond grateful.

Thank you.