The Race, Part II

Just as I promised. More on the Thanksgiving Turkey Trot here in town. After Lola's race we decided to walk around that part of town. It is down by the capital, just about the heart of downtown, and we never get out that way. So we had a little adventure of our own.

There is a path that runs down by the waterways under the streets of the city. I'm sure at one point they were just beautiful, but time and more people have made them less so. Although, I have heard that there is a plan to redo all these paths so they are more of an enjoyable riverwalk of sorts. But we had fun exploring anyway!

Some of the architecture along the waterway shows that it must have been a beautiful place to enjoy the water. This building was built in the 1800's.

More bridges.

After our walk we went back to see more of the race. The 5 mile and 1 mile were both going on, so we found a spot a block up from the finish line and cheered them all on! Thousands of people were racing. And along with them were many characters. Including...

A fairy, or two:

The Incredibles:


Crazy hats:

Turkeys and other costumes:

Dad's and babies:

Hippies and babies:

Grandpa's and babies:

And everyone in between:

I even saw 2 very, very pregnant women, but didn't want to appear rude by taking their pictures. Same with the woman who I swear had to be close to 90! It was so much fun seeing everyone.

Great fun in Austin! Peace!

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