Wee Folks Have Beds

Did these last night. I am loving this creative streak in me. It is really making me happy to use the things I already have and turn them into something fun for the girls. Our homemade holidays are quickly approaching so I need to work a little faster now. Haha! But I'm pretty confident I'll get it all done. I'm trying to do the small projects first, one every night. Then the bigger projects in between - Lola's sweater, which I'm still waiting on my yarn for. I ordered it from a co-op weeks ago and it still hasn't arrived. And Xiola's Waldorf doll - have the head started which is half the battle.

I'm going to finish Lola's leg warmers tonight and then start on her mittens she requested. I want to dye some yarn for Xiola's mittens and leg warmers too, but won't get to that until maybe Friday.

So much to do! Peace!

ETA: I feel like a dolt, but I completely forgot to thank Kimara over at Wee Folk Art for the bed pattern and constant inspiration. You really need to check out her blog! Thanks!