Thanksgiving Morning And Proud Parents

Our morning started early...very early. Lola had convinced us to let her run in the Turkey Trot for charity, and today was the day she'd been counting down to. It was the first time for her to be in a real race and she's been pumped for weeks about it! And even though we got up blurry eyed and in the dark, what a great morning it was!

We got there at 7:35 am, got her registered and then had a few moments to meander through the crowds after getting her number all in place of course!

Xiola was very excited as well, ready to cheer on her big sister.

We spent time at the kids section doing crafts and basically people watching. Finally it was time to get ready for the run, and Jason took Lola to the point where all the kids met up and then walked together to the starting line. He was going to run with her as did alot of parents or grandparents of the younger kids.

It took awhile for them to get through the crowds. Xiola and I were trying to keep up.

We finally made it to a spot near the starting line. The big turkey was a hit at the beginning of the race.

And they're off!

Lola was in the very back of the pack with about 100 kids ahead of her. I couldn't even see her at the start. Jason said they were in the last row though. The first kid, who was in the very front at the start, came running up. Then the second kid, who was also one of the first out the gate. Then, out of nowhere, I see rainbow leggings going fast, really fast.

And then, my little girl, who was in the very back, came flashing past the kid in front of her and got 3rd place!

As you can see from the look on her face as she was approaching that finish line, she was ecstatic! She loved it so much she wants to do the full mile next year and then the 5 mile after that. I was never a runner, or athletic in any shape or form, but it's in Lola's blood and she has a hunger for it all.

During the race I was overwhelmed by emotions several times. I was so proud of Lola for putting her own money towards this (she paid for half the entry fee with her allowance and we pitched in the other $5) for a good cause. Watching my little girl be so excited about her first race, seeing the families all running/walking together, seeing smiles everywhere I looked, knowing that all these people came out to participate in the name of charity and fun, just made me choke up a few times. What an awesome Thanksgiving tradition! I am so proud to be living in this city and was really happy to be a part of a tradition here that is so beloved by the citizen's of this town. There were tens of thousands of people there, 12,000 participated in just the 5 mile alone. There was the kid's k (with probably 500 kids ranging in ages from 9 on down to about 4 - Lola was in the 5 year old division. All the divisions ran their races separately), the 1 mile and the 5 mile. Easily 50,000 people. After Lola was finished we walked around downtown along the course and watched the other racers. That was so cool! My next post will document all we saw during that time. But just to peak your interest, there was everyone from the oldest of ladies, to very pregnant mamas, to dogs on leashes. This morning's post is dedicated to my little racer though and her selfless act towards charity and the fun she had doing it. Way to go Lola!!

And a very Happy Thanksgiving to you all! Peace!