Saying Goodbye to June

We got June last year with the hopes of a wonderful pet and wonderful goat milk. Alas, she has never bonded with us. Having come from a herd, she has always stayed wild. She has never allowed us to touch her without a fight. She's never forgiven us for trading one of her boys in for Kubra, and she's never accepted Kubra. She isn't joyful like Kubra and Mongo, basically she just eats and avoids us at all costs while the other two play with the girls and follow us around like puppies, running and leaping, climbing trees, etc.. Quite the joyful duo.

We made the decision to give June back to Cindy, our good friend and goat lady. In exchange, we will be able to breed Kubra at no charge, but it is still hard to say goodbye and not feel like we somehow failed her. We are hoping she'll be happier once she's back with her herd and find that joy she should have. I feel badly that she never was happy here, but she's healthy and will find her place again. Cindy loves all her goats, so we were very happy when she agreed to take her back. We dreaded the idea of trying to sell her to people we didn't know. The last thing we wanted to have happen was for her to end up abused or worse. So the best possible decision was made.

I'm sorry June, sorry that we couldn't be the family you wanted. Sorry that you've missed your son so much (she'll be living with him again on the new/old farm). Sorry that we couldn't give you whatever it was that you desired. You will be safe and loved, and we will always be grateful for having you in our world this last year.

Namaste June!