Roving Fun and Sister Love

My sister just left today. It is so hard to see her go. Her family is extremely close to us, so we always have fun when they are here. They flew out for less than a week, but we had such a great time! My nephew, H, is exactly a month younger than Xi. We got to celebrate his third birthday with him and enjoy the Halloween festivities as well! Oh I love that little man. The girls had a blasts too. Uncle Sean is the cat's meow in Lola's eyes, and Auntie Barbara is too much fun.

They arrived on the night of the 28th. The next day was little H's birthday so we had our mom up and family over for a birthday bash! Mom made the cutest pumpkin cupcakes which got gobbled up immediately. We carved pumpkins with all the kids, including the little ones I take care of for friends. We also roasted the best pumpkin seeds ever! Well, Barbara did. What a cook she is! That night we had a bbq with friends and family and celebrated H's third bday. So much fun!

The next day we took all the kids to the kids' gym in town for a free gym time/Halloween celebration. Then on to the Java Dive - my darling friends' organic coffee shop - for snacks. That night the moms got to go out for awhile. We went to the Iguana Grill for margaritas and nachos. It sits right on the lake, so we got to watch the sunset and just be for awhile. It was so nice to spend that time with my sister. We are very close, so to just be together is more than special for us.

Then it was Halloween! The kids were excited all day for this. We found a really cool street in a neighborhood just over from us. We know the people who live on the corner, and they tipped us off that it was THE street to go to. One culdesac is all we did and it was enough! The kids were so excited to see all the costumes, and Lola ran into friends so got to run off with them down the street. I think she felt very independent. We ran into Obama supporters all up and down the street as well and were so excited to talk to them (we really thought this particular neighborhood was much more conservative, so we were pleasantly surprised to find we were wrong!). Can you guess our political leanings? Haha!

After the candy gathering, we came home and went across the street to a gathering where poor little Xi proceeded to throw up all over. We couldn't figure out what was going on as she didn't seem flu-like, and had only been allowed 2 pieces of candy. We "bought back" the kids' candy in exchanged for treats from the coffee shop. It was a long night, but she finally felt better the next day. Poor little thing!

The rest of the weekend was spent playing, bbqing and hanging out with family and friends. The weather was perfect, the company was happy and we had a wonderful time.

Last night before going to bed, my sister and I made these little dolls. I have never done any needle felting with roving before, so B taught me how. They are gifts for other people, but as I was taking the pictures this morning I realized we'd really made each other.

I love you Barbara, thank you for just being who you are and always being my heart.

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