Crockpot Season Has Begun

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It was 38 degrees on my back porch this morning. Crisp, cold air met me as I went out to feed the animals and get the day started. My favorite part of the year has finally begun! And with the cooler weather, it also means it's crockpot season in the AmLo household.

I love my crockpot. It is so easy to just throw things in in the morning and have dinner ready without a whole lot of fuss. But for me, it's always meant soups, some meats, beans, etc.. That is, until now. A friend from my darling mothering site has turned all us gals on to this blog - A Year of Crockpoting. It's like being given a wonderful gift! Stephanie, who loves her crockpot, has taken it upon herself to make the New Year's resolution last year to use her crockpot everyday. And she is blogging the recipes to prove it! I haven't had a chance to go through the entire year's worth so far, but have randomly looked up recipes and am so inspired. Who knew you could make french toast in a crockpot? Or yogurt? Some of the recipes she even breaks down the costs. And you can totally tailor them to your own tastes. We use mainly organic, all-natural ingredients, and so far I can't see any reason why they won't work with Stephanie's recipes.

What a wonderful blog. Stephanie, you don't know me, but thank you!! Crockpot season here has officially taken on a whole new meaning!