Good News, Bad News

Sorry I haven't updated in a bit. It's been crazy busy around now that I have the kids back that I take care of. They took the summer off but are back in full force. So with my own 2 girls, I have 5 kids running around. Adjusting has been busy to say the least. But it is good for the girls to have their friends back everyday, and we need the money right now too.

So good news, bad news time. Good news, I'm busy and working. Tomatoes are finally setting. Upside down tomatoes are doing great too. New cukes are on the vine and the animals are doing well. Bad news, Jason was laid off and there are just no jobs to be had right now. He's finishing up a couple projects that will hopefully get us through the next couple months, but there is nothing on the horizon. He's putting in his applications all over and we are definitely thinking outside the box at this point. It is so frightening to be honest. We are at the point where we are just focusing on our household bills and the rest are just going to have to wait. I can't feel too sorry for ourselves however when I look around and see that we are not the only ones going through this. The firm he was working for is actually talking about disbanding, and most of the architects he's applying to are answering with the same thing, "Like everyone else, we've had to put projects on hold and let people go. We are so sorry we cannot offer anything to you at this time." When we see things like that, we know it's bad. He's applying to engineering firms, construction companies and even computer companies who might be able to capitalize on his networking skills. We know we'll have to settle for less money, but at this point less is better than none. I just hope he can find something soon....

For everyone who are in this position, I empathize and all I can do is pray to the work gods that things turn around soon. Jason has been really good about keeping the stress levels low, and we've pretty much put a cap on what we are spending. Only the necessities and no extra driving at this point unless we need to.

I have to look at what we do have though, rather than what we are lacking. I have healthy children who are smart and the lights of my life. I have a healthy marriage and good friends and family who are here to offer so much emotional support. Alot of them are going through similar things, so we are leaning on each other. I do have to give a huge, and very public thank you to my dear dear friend Romy. Our air conditioning went out last week and we were doing our best with fans and all that. She showed up last Thursday with a brand new window unit that they weren't using. Hadn't even been open. It's a little one, but it keeps the living room cool and between that and the fan in the kitchen/dining, the kids and I are not living in an oven. I can't wait for summer to be over though..:) But it's people like Romy who truly make this world more special and the selfless acts of kindness create a truly wonderful community. So thank you Romy and Roni, you are extraordinary friends and we very much appreciate your concern and support.

So there's my good news, bad news post for now. I am praying to the gods that things get better soon for all of us going through this economic crisis of late. Hang in there and much peace to us all.

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