I'm sure some of you are wondering why I'm posting a picture of dirt today. Well, that's not just any dirt, no way. That is dirt that J and I worked on mixing most of yesterday (Saturday). That dirt is a mixture of the bottom of our compost (which we sifted), and the dirt in the chicken run. We've been working on this project for a year now, turning the dirt in the run every month or so (thank you to J for that!), moving around the compost piles and gathering the goodness that is made. We are very excited about this as it's our first successful composting project! We have a few different piles going, one for dirt, one that's new stuff and one that we use as mulch which has more hay from the chicken coop mixed in with it. The chicken run dirt has big fat earthworms in it too, so we know alot of good organic matter is in there! We feed the chickens alot of our kitchen scraps so what they don't eat (which usually there is nothing left anyway), composts into their run along with their droppings. We replaced the dirt we removed with more composting hay, lawn trimmings, oak leaves, and dirt that needs to be reworked. We now have several piles of this goodness in different parts of the yard where we are planting.

It is so funny to get excited about dirt, but when you've actually created it yourself, it makes it much more rewarding! Thanks for indulging me! Peace!

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