Another Weekend...

Another garden project! We got alot of veggie gardening done as well as ornamental. Alot of work, but we are having fun. In the veggie garden I got transplants of pumpkin, cukes, basil, and cantaloupe all in the ground, as well as transplanting a few more peppers. I'm working on what is going to happen next as we have a full other growing season to think about. We can actually still plant corn if we want...crazy! I've been checking out gardening books from the library and practically inhaling them. I've got the bug bad all of a sudden. I've always enjoyed it, but lately it seems like I HAVE to get my hands dirty. I think it has to do with it being the very first time in our lives together, that we are actually producing our own soil, starting seeds from friends rather than just store bought, and really getting into the nitty gritty of biodiversity with having the chickens, successful composting, etc.. This is our home, and our gardens and we are really making things happen. It's a really great feeling and quite addicting I must say.

Not only are we having a blast with the veggie garden, but our front yard ornamental gardening has taken a huge upswing. We did alot of work once again this weekend and changed the entire look of our front yard with a new rock garden and some plants. We went to the nursery to pick up some Hens and Chicks, and found an amazing deal on our favorite Poinciana - $15 for a 3 gallon pot and it's just about ready to bloom as well. So worth every penny to us! We also got an Echinacea plant, which I've been wanting for awhile now. I actually want more than one, but I'm hoping this will reseed for next year. If not, I did get seeds this season, I just wasn't successful at getting them to grow for some reason. So hopefully this one will take and spread the joy!

Here are a few pics of our work. Hope everyone is healthy and happy. Peace!

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