Sometimes things come to us in the craziest of ways, and sometimes in the knick of time. Jason was able to get this beauty for us from a remodel. It was going to be donated, so they gave it to us. We've been living with a little tiny fridge that wasn't much taller than me (I'm only 5' 3"). We freeze alot of our vegies, and have been wanting to do meat chickens again but had no space for all that. We were going to just get a freezer, but then this came along and we decided this was way better. Haha! So here it is, the newest addition to the farm...Jason calls it Darth (totally reminds us of something from Star Wars!)

You can see a part of the little fridge in this pic. We are going to move that down to our studio and use it for overflow and beverages when we get our "beer garden" built someday.

I keep hearing Darth Vader's theme song in my head when I walk in the kitchen, wonder how long that will last?