Summertime Is Almost Upon Us

The Texas heat is starting to set in, the plants are growing like crazy, and our water bill is rising. But life is feeling alright. We are learning, growing, changing and loving our world more and more. With everything this last month, I'd gotten out of my normal habits of eating as healthy as we can, creating new things, and just enjoying our environment here to its fullest. Back to cooking with our own vegies, working hard in the yard and home, and just being. Our goal right now is to continue improving the soil down in the far back property - we have alot of kalichi rock and dirt; expanding our produce base and improving aspects of the house that we can afford right now. We are starting from the outside the front yard is continuing to evolve. It's nice to feel motivated again...

Our new table on the front porch, courtesy of Mom and Dad:

Pole beans!:

Remember those tomato sprouts from a couple months ago? Here are some of the ones which made it, all heirloom:

Flower children!:

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