More Goings On At The Farm

A few days ago you got some you get more farm pics. Things are growing like crazy now that the weather is warm. We are starting to enjoy some of the bounty on our dinner plates too! Oh, and I made the Minestrone Soup that I posted a few weeks word, YUM!!! I used chard instead of spinach (we have huge chard plants growing now). I'd say about 75% of it was from our garden...can't wait until we are consistently cooking 100% of our own homegrown.

So back to the pictures, these are just some of what's growing, it's very fulfilling...



Radishes all in a row:

Is that a tiny bell pepper I spy?:

And the first tomato! We have about 25 volunteer tomato plants, plus another 20 or so heirlooms (the heirlooms are just now taking off, so we should see fruit in a few weeks on those). We have no idea what type of tomatoes these are:

Just a few of the pepper plants - we have about 50:


A huge rose bush on our fence. It's got the most beautiful old fashion pink roses:

Kubra doing her thing:

June looking at me warily:

And of course, Mongo...who is full of personality and was very curious about the camera:

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