And A New Showgirl Joins The Flock

So after discovering that our "hen" was really a rooster, we called our wonderful friend Cindy down at Paleface Feed - she is the one we bought June from and who we got the original Showgirl chicks from. We explained our dilemma and she immediately got on the phone with other local Showgirl people and within an hour found a hen for us to trade our roo for! I cannot tell you how much help Cindy has been. She is just wonderful and obviously loves all animals. It is good to know we have her on our side.

So without further adu, here is our newest lady in the flock. Sorry these aren't the best pictures, I will take more tomorrow when the lighting is better and I can actually get in the coop with her. The other gals were getting ready for bed and I didn't want to go in and disturb their routine too much.