So Sorry It's Been Awhile

We've had to weather a personal storm. I want to thank everyone who has been such a support to us during this time. Pregnancy loss is hard, but there are constant reminders to me that life keeps happening. I look forward to wading through these emotions and coming to a place of healing. Thank you everyone who has extended themselves and offered support. We truly appreciate each and every one of you...

Life really does continue:

This Lemon Cypress was sent to me by the most amazing group of mamas. We all had babies in the fall of 2005 and have stayed close ever since through the miracle of message boards and the internet. Some of us have met in person, some talk almost daily (hi Bridgette!), and all of us support each other emotionally. I received this tree yesterday with the most beautiful poem and words of love and support from these women. Thank you Tree Mamas!

My Amaranth...I didn't think it was going to grow...but it did.

Jason's Pride of Barbados that finally sprouted. This is very exciting as we now have 2 sprouts!

Our Confederate Jasmine that is growing up the post on our front porch. We planted this last year and are thrilled that it bloomed this year. It smells so heavenly.

Who can't smile around kittens?

Lola's drawing...she wanted to draw how she felt last week during the hardest part of it all. So first she was sad, then she was mad, now she is happy again. 5 year olds have such wisdom. I'm learning so much from this one right now.

Again, thank you everyone who has been there for us...many blessings and peace!

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