Gardening 2008

we have gotten ALOT done this weekend...

~ fenced in kitchen garden:
~ planted pole beans, bush beans, peas, cucumbers, lettuce, radishes, carrots, brocolli, kale, kohlrabi, leeks, onions (this area is the smaller of our garden areas but is perfect to run out and grab grub straight from the ground as it's just off the front gate. )

~ fenced in back garden area:
~ planted 50 pepper plants (jalapenos mainly but also bell and banana), more onions, sunflowers, zukes, strawberries (not sure how these will do. only planted 4 but i want about 20 more or so)

~ filled in a huge hole in the back that was intended for a water feature at one point but the old owners never got around to finishing it. so we filled it in with good dirt and compost, then planted potatoes shallowly and topped with hay from the chicken coop.

~ cleared a bunch of rock from the back (hill country here in texas is famous for it's "texas holey rocks" and the entire back of our property is filled with it). found really good dirt around the larger rocks we are keeping for landscape purposes and transplanted violets around them. this should look really pretty next winter!

~ planted some tulips in the front (they were already blooming and were cheap at home depot, so the girls each picked out one plant) and some poppies.

~ started a bunch of flowers for dyes as well as some just for looks.

~ started 30 tomato plants (mostly heirlooms)

~ planted "climbing nasturtium" seed around the new fencing in both garden areas

we fenced off the areas to keep goats and chickens out, as well as to have some places for climbing plants. we just used stakes and chicken wire as we didn't want anything permanent in there just yet, plus we can't afford real fencing right now. i also got some more herbs for the front herb garden. we are going to keep the front to herbs, lettuces, flowers, etc...things that look good in the landscape but some are also useful.

it's exciting getting all this done. the girls have been loving digging and planting again. not the best lighting today for pics as it's overcast, but at least it's a record of what we've done so far this year.

Happy Gardening!!