New Chickens, New Adventure

So...our neighbor came over with a friend of her's the other day. Her friend's daughter raised chickens for 4H and had to get rid of her flock to make room for the new ones. We offered to take 6 off their hands, but broke the cardinal rule by not asking what type they had. All we said was we wanted hens only. Well they showed up yesterday and guess what? They are broilers! That's right folks, in another 6 weeks they won't be good eatin', so guess what we get to do? Right again! We get to process 6 chickens..yikes! We've never done this before, so hence the new adventure. Haha! What we've learned about broilers are, they usually don't live past age 1 and grow so big that their little legs can't support their weight. :( Nervous you ask? Oh quite! Lola is of course thrilled..she says she loves chicken! Haha! Life of a farm girl, no matter how small the farm is...;)