Winter Doesn't Have To Be Dreary...

My violets are starting to really bloom with this cold weather we've been having. These particular bunch have been in this neighborhood for over 20 years, having been transplanted from another neighbor's house several years ago. They are just lovely and remind me of old fashion times..:)

Yaupon berries had a flash of scarlet to the landscape. I find their brilliance a welcome relief to the otherwise bare trees around.

Ah the beautiful Kubrah. She's getting so big, and so spoiled! With the warmer weather, she's been enjoying some much needed sunshine with her other furry friends, and tonight will be her first night out in the pen. She's getting a little too used to the kitchen rug in front of the sink. Haha!

Mama June is doing great! She's starting to mellow out more and more with the milking and is tolerating Kubrah much better. She's a sweetheart...:)

Can't forget Mongo! He's getting big as well and is starting to look at Kubrah with that "Oo La La!" look in his eye. (Sorry dude, you are destined to be a pet, not a breeder.) He's got such a killer personality though and is super sweet. He's turning into a really great pet. :)

MMMMMM...fresh goat milk, can't beat it!

My little pixie!

A tired, but happy mom!


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