This could, or might not be, farm related...but it is important to me none-the-less. First a little background:

We had homebirths with both our girls...specifically waterbirths. Both experiences, while vastly different (just as the girls personalities are very different), were the most intense/wonderful/amazing/magical/scary/thrilling experiences of our lives thus far. We used several resources in our quest for the perfect birth for us when pregnant with our older girl, Lola. One of the main resources we used was Waterbirth International. This is an amazing resource for anyone who is interested in waterbirth, or even birth in general. Barbara Harper is one of the most gracious, knowledgable, caring women I've had the pleasure to communicate with in this area. She is the author of the book Gentle Birth Choices, a must resource book for anyone interested in birth.

I'm sure you are beginning to wonder what my point is in this post. Well, Waterbirth International was started by Barbara Harper as a way to reach out to the global community and share these gentle birth choices with each other. They host seminars, train men and women in gentle birth practices, including waterbirths...they donate hours of time and emotions to helping families realize the birth of their dreams. They are a non-profit organization which does so much good in this field that I could go on and on. But I am asking that you take a look at them yourself. They are in serious need of help and are in danger of having to close their doors. Please look at their website, share it with others who might be interested. If you can donate even a dollar to them, it will help.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, to see their website and to give even a moment spreading the word about this group. Namaste and peace!