Baby Goat Fun!

The babies are growing fast! They are so much fun to watch and play with..:D They bounce around the yard and have even learned to climb one of the oaks AND the girls playset! HAHA Too much fun...:) We are also getting a couple new chickens: Showgirls! They are the cutest/ugliest things you've ever seen! We are getting white Showgirls to be exact. They lay white eggs and are in the Bantam family of chickens, specifically the Silkies. We are pretty excited about them...HAHA

I can't believe that it is getting to that time of year where we have to start planning our spring garden! My neighbor reminded me that some things will be able to go into the ground as early as next month...whew! And the seed catalogs are arriving in full force. All my favorites too: Peaceful Valley Farm and Garden Supply, Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds, R.H. Shumway's (the old time illustrations just captivate me in this particular catalog)...and tons of others. We are beginning to prep the areas for hopefully we'll be more successful this year with a larger variety of items. Wish us luck and good luck to you on your gardening plans...:)

For now, enjoy the baby goat fun!