Meet The Family!

Sometime around 7AM we are guessing, these two little guys came into our world! Yes, I did say guys, both boys. We are going to be trading one in a couple weeks for a brand new girl who Lola will be bottle feeding. The smallest we have decided to keep, and his name is Mongo. June looks like she did great! I followed her around until about 1AM and then went in to lie down as she wasn't doing much of anything. Around 3 I went back to check and she was sleeping, so I figured it would be later today. To my surprise when I went back out this morning, there were these 2 little boys fighting over who was going to nurse on one side. haha! We are very excited and the kids are in heaven. So in about 2 weeks we'll have a baby girl in place of the bigger boy, but for now we are going to enjoy these two little guys!! :)

Toddlers meeting the newest babies.