Farm Life

Slowly getting ready for winter, however today is a reminder that we are running out of time. It is a whopping 51 degrees on our front porch and a cold rain is falling. June is in her doghouse looking dejected and the chickens are bummed that they can't get outside. ;) June gets a new goat shed next weekend though, so should be all good after that. We need to get canvas covers for the 2 open sides of the chicken coop as well. We are getting 3 eggs a day now and they are quite good! Nice, dark orange yolks...very rich!

Here are some pictures from this weekend. Lola is spending a few days with Jason's folks, so it was just Xi and us yesterday. We let June out of her half of the yard and she loved exploring the rest. Even wanted to check out our bedroom porch...haha. Enjoy!

Jason's work station while out in the barn...HAHA!

Hey! Don't take my carrot!

Thanks for looking! MAA MAA!