Adventures Continue...

So we are now getting 2 eggs a day..:) Our other older gal should start laying anytime, and the rest have a couple more weeks to go. Jason wants more pullets as we are having to pass on our last rooster. He's just too protective and I'm afraid he will hurt one of the kids to be honest. Such a beauty, but not for our little parcel of land. So Jason wants 4 more pullets to finish out the flock. We'll see how that goes..;)

We are almost done with the goat yard and have found out we are getting a pregnant doe named June. :) She is due next month and we'll be bringing her home this weekend we are hoping! It's really very exciting! Jason finished the gate yesterday, I think he'll be hanging it tonight. Then all we have left to do is run smaller hog-wire along the existing fence and get an XL dog house for June to shelter in while we build her permanent shed. I can't wait! I'm so excited about it all! :)

I'll get some more pictures up in awhile, just wanted to check in and say hey to everyone! Oh, we pulled all the cukes and cantaloupes - bugs! But I did get a dozen jars of pickles out of it so all was not lost. :) Jason should have plenty of Bread and Butter pickles to last the winter...hahah