We Haven't Left!

Just have been swamped. Family wedding, kids, colds and all that good stuff. HAHA But we are still here, still farming and still working towards our goal. Cucumbers are doing fabulous, will have enough to can again in a few days. And we are getting ready to fully commit to the Fall garden, so will be planting in the next week. We also decided to try hydroponics with our tomatoes! Any suggestions? ;)

On a sad note, we are going to have to give up our kingpin roo, Brownie. He's turned mean and has attacked me a number of times while trying to feed and water, clean coop, etc.. :( I'm sad about it because he's so beautiful. But at the same time, with the little kids running around, I don't want to risk him getting out and attacking one of them. He is a very big bird, and could actually do alot of damage - espeically to our littlest who is tiny for her age anyway. We are giving him to the gal who owns the feed store. She always finds good homes for roos, so that's a comfort. And our gals haven't started laying yet, but the weather is finally cooling off so I think it's any day now.

Anyway, just wanted to pop up and let everyone know all is well and I'll be back to regular posting soon! Have to catch up on all your blogs as well! :) Peace!