Our First, Almost 100% Local Meal

We made chicken soup with the left over chicken we got from Barnison Farm and used our own carrots, and then local vegies: green beans, broccoli, potatoes and onion. Herbs from our garden are in here too! The only non-local item is the garlic. I also baked jalapeno, cheese, onion bread using organic cheese, our jalapenos and local onions. as soon as I start ordering from the local mill here, I can say my bread is almost 100% local too! hahah

I can't get over how much better this chicken is than store bought. I really can't keep being a veg-head with this chicken around. It is so much more satisfying and flavorful. :) Jason asked me the other day if I was going to preface every local meal with the word, "local"....if it all tastes this good, then hell yeah I am!