A Huge Shout Out!

I have to give a huge THANK YOU and plug for a local farm here, Barnison Farm. I found them through Edible Austin, and they were highly recommended for their humanely treated poultry, etc.. I don't eat much meat at all, but my husband and kids do, so I have been seeking out a source for our poultry and finally found an amazing place! I emailed them and received a wonderful reply saying they had read the blog and my other site links in my signature and would be more than happy to deliver to my door, no minimum! I love the community feeling with it all. :) Their site is wonderful and they have such a humane outlook on their birds and the way they are treated. I couldn't have asked for a better place to find our poultry for cooking..:) Here's to buying and eating locally!!!!

Even if you don't live near Austin, check out their site. It's people like them that make "community" possible. Thank you so much Jeremy and Allison!

oh, and i think i found my source for locally milled grain too! yay!! it's all starting to fall into place now..:)