Too many roosters...

Well, it appears that we have a 4th rooster in the flock. Which puts our hens at 3. So 2 roosters are going to have to go. :( I've been posting on my chicken forums looking for someone who will want a couple super sweet roosters. And now I have to get more hens too. I think I'll get 4 laying hens, if possible. I'd love the Blue Laced Red Wyandotte breed, but those are not easy to find around here. I may have to order them as chicks in the spring. ;)

So here are a couple pics of the guys that have to find new homes. I don't even know the breeds as we got the chicks from a local school who hatched them as a classroom science experiment. They are beautiful birds though!

You have to excuse the blurry pics, I took them with an old digital and it's not easy getting these guys to say "cheese"!